Argon2Parameters Struct

Contains parameters for the creation of an Argon2id instance.

public struct Argon2Parameters




Initializes a new instance of Argon2Parameters with all fields set to zero.

public Argon2Parameters()



Gets or sets the degree of parallelism parameter (p) of Argon2. The degree of parallelism determines how many independent (but synchronizing) computational chains (lanes) can be run.

public int DegreeOfParallelism;

Field Value

An integer value from 1 to 224-1 that specifies the degree of parallelism.


Any value other than 1 is not supported at this time.


Gets or sets the memory size parameter (m) of Argon2.

public long MemorySize;

Field Value

An integer number of kibibytes from 8 to 232-1 that specifies the memory size.


Gets or sets the number of passes parameter (t) of Argon2. The number of passes can be used to tune the running time independently of the memory size.

public long NumberOfPasses;

Field Value

An integer number from 1 to 232-1 that specifies the number of passes.

Thread Safety

Any public static members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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