ScryptParameters Struct

Contains parameters for the creation of a Scrypt instance.

public struct ScryptParameters




Initializes a new instance of ScryptParameters with all fields set to zero.

public ScryptParameters()



Gets or sets the block size parameter (r) of scrypt.

public int BlockSize;

Field Value

A positive integer that specifies the block size.


Gets or sets the CPU/Memory cost parameter (N) of scrypt.

public long Cost;

Field Value

An integer number larger than 1, a power of 2, and less than 2(128 * r / 8) that specifies the CPU/Memory cost.


Gets or sets the parallelization parameter (p) of scrypt.

public int Parallelization;

Field Value

A positive integer less than or equal to ((232-1) * 32) / (128 * r) that specifies the amount of parallelism desired.

Thread Safety

Any public static members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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